Meet Lacey,  Happy Hoof Camp's first outside rehabilitation client.   I had gone with a friend of mine to watch her trim a horse.  The owner had badly injured her arm and was unable to do much with this lovely mare.  Lacey was foundered and abscessing when my friend told the owner about my program.  Lacey was delivered the next day. 
Photos Dec., 2010 - March, 2011

When Lacey arrived, the last week of December, 2010, she could not bear much weight on her right front and we had to wait a few days before we could trim it.  At first she wasn't moving much, but in boots she began to explore.   Below are pictures of her right front in late December, then in late February, and a photo of both front feet after the late February trim, which shows the sole beginning to shed.  This was also where she had been abscessing.  The last is a photo of both front feet after the late February trim.

Lacey left March 29, 2011 to a barn closer to the owner's home.  At first things went well and she was improving but in 2013 circumstances changed, she regressed and I picked her up Oct 1, 2013.  Lacey is a sweet mare and we are hoping she will improve enough to join the lesson program on some level.  Lacey is available for someone who wants a sweet mare and is willing to keep up her trims and not put her out on grass, ever.  Ideally she would stay here where she is happy and has friends.

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