Meet Bullet.  Bullet was donated in August, 2012 as a founder case.  These pictures are all from August 16th, 2012, when his shoes were removed, his feet cleaned, photographed and trimmed.  Bullet's corrective shoeing had caused additional problems with contraction, thrush, and navicular presentation. He has been making remarkable progress.  He is a cute little horse with a lot of try.  He is also a case study on www.equinethermographyoregon with Miriah Stuart, VTT, who did the thermography when his shoes were removed.  It was remarkable to watch the blood flow return to the hoof after the shoes were removed.
Bullet does not have much of a past that we know of.  His former owners had bought some property and were asked if they wanted him.  They were told he was off the reservation.  They loved him and when he foundered they followed the advice of their farrier but being new horse owners did not know enough to see the damage being caused by the corrective shoeing.  Bullet is about 17 years old and is broke to ride, but really doesn't know very much.  He is a sweet pony and will fit in well with the program when his hoof rehabilitation is farther along.  He loves to be scratched and is very playful. Bullet has some scars on his face consistent with a war bridle, and he is fearful of his ears being touched.  He has made a lot of progress in that area and is now in the lesson program.  He is super fun to ride.